Welcome to the Wedding Vignette 

Thank you for your interest in The Wedding Vignette.  Our purpose as a Wedding Videography Studio is to provide the best content for our clients.  

The Wedding Vignette was founded by Anthony Rosato & Mike Sita, two seasoned professionals in the TV and Commercial Industry.  Their vision was to take wedding videos to a new Cinematic Level.  Capturing the fairytale story our Brides and Grooms had imagined since they were young.  No wedding is too small or too big to have the prefect story told.

The Wedding Vignette is a creative studio looking to push the limits for our clients.  We take our time to hear what you want and make sure we fulfill your needs and more.  Our gear cannot be matched.  We use gear that is of  Broadcast TV Standards, always providing our clients with the most up to date technologies. We are capable of shooting 4K RAW, 4k and 1080p.  We understand some of our clients are unaware of these technologies and that is OK.  We are here because we want to educate you regardless of whether you choose The Wedding Vignette or not.  We believe everyone should be offered the best in service and quality, making it our goal to explain exactly what that entails.  

The journey of setting up your perfect day can be stressful but we are here to make sure that process is as easy as possible.  Please give us a call to setup a free consultation and discuss your dream wedding video. We look forward to hearing from you!


Mike Sita is a seasoned cinematographer, shooting commercials and corporate videos for the last 15 years.  Mike's knowledge of cinematography and story is why he is simply the best.  He knows where the shot is and knows how it will be edited, which is why Anthony and Mike work so well together.  Mike is also a perfectionist and works well with a team of people who are all experts and professionals.  His goal is to find the shots that you never thought were possible.  

Anthony Rosato has edited 100's of hours of TV and Reality TV.  He is best known for his work on the hit TV show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta & New York.  He is one of the youngest and most accomplished TV editors in New York City with an amazing eye for story and even better ear for using music to tell the story.  He has won a Davey Award for his work at the age of 22 and has been a member of the Motion Pictures Editors Guild since 2010.  Anthony believes that even a wedding video can be turned into a piece of Art and that is what he plans to do for you!